When I was diagnosed with polycystic ovaries in December 2011 I had never heard of the disease.  In fact, when I went to have my womb scanned, I misheard the doctor who said he thought I had a ‘poorly cystic’ (this was because of his accent) and so I returned home and frantically Googled just that.  When my mum corrected me I was horrified by what I read.  It seemed to me that I had obesity, infertility, hair loss, hirsuitism and cancer all to look forward to.

The only symptoms I had had at that point was a burning sensation in my left ovary, a frequent painful cramping in my lower back, and periods that were heavier than normal.  When I had initially been to the doctors, I was reassured that the pain I’d felt can’t have been in my ovaries, because they are organs which are too far under the surface of the skin to detect a pain that specific….

The advice I received courtesy of my GP was to do nothing but get on with my life as normal.  He reassured me that, given his 30 year long career, he was in a position to confirm that polycystic ovaries are nothing to worry about, but that I might want to try for children sooner rather than later.

The advice I discovered online was quite different.  I found testimonies from women claiming to have cured their PCOS simply by making diet and exercise alterations.  On the eve of Christmas Eve, I shelled out £35 for a downloadable E-book containing a lifestyle and diet plan designed for eradicating PCOS.  I learned a lot from it, though the month I followed the diet plan happened also to be the month I experienced an almost invisible period… I decided to take what I learned from it but never to follow the plan of anyone else so strictly again.

Almost a year later, I can report to feeling much healthier:  the cramping has more or less stopped, the periods have returned back to normal.  I hope to help other women through my own experiences via this website.


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