Back After New Year

Hellooooo. I have not posted anything since Christmas – it might even have been Christmas day itself. No reason why in particular, other than the general excuse of being busy 🙂 And ‘with what’ you might ask…

in which case a run down must include: being asked to write a book review for The Times Literary Supplement. Something I’ve wanted to get into doing for a while now – it happened mostly as a result of me getting a poem published in there last November; boyfriend stuff. Urgh. Sometimes relationships are very VERY stressy; finally *nearly* finishing work on my album; German AS Level; getting together all of my poems from the past year or so, having been awarded funding for some one-to-one tutorials; discovering and cooking excellent recipes I will share elsewhere on the site; going to Warsaw; finally getting back out in the hills and doing some hiking; finally making a regular thing of yoga classes; work (yes, I’ve started doing that again); joining a new band on guitar; and then there was just general laziness/ joyous instances of indolent comfort while reading or streaming films in bed.

My experiences of PCOS has inevitably continued over this time. I’ve had some extremely painful and debilitating periods, which included vomiting a couple of times, such was the pain. I’ve found some ways of alleviating this pain, or so it seems for now. I’ve also found ways of ridding the cyclical breast pain associated with PMS (via evening primrose oil supplements) and have finally changed the sanitary products I use, switching from expensive and uncomfortable tampons and pads, to the more environmentally and biologically friendly Mooncup. I’ve also learned some further diet information: started cooking with various forms of buckwheat, taking vitamin E etc. For Christmas I bought my mum Yotam Ottolenghi and Sammi Tamimi’s latest recipe book, ‘Jerusalem’, and that has got me cooking some exceptional vegan/PCOS-friendly food from the Middle East.

Now I just have to decide where to start, after this blog update… 🙂


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