I thought I’d do a proper blog post thing, as I’ve yet to do one since starting this website.  Wondering how to approach getting it rolling, I decided I would use it to try to provide the kind of advice I could have done with when I first learned I had poly-cystic ovaries.

The first thing I could have done with knowing was simply that it’s actually not the most hopeless diagnosis in the world.  While I paid to download the ‘Ovarian Cyst Miracle’ PDFs, and while these were certainly useful in helping me to take good steps towards controlling the symptoms, it should be known that, actually, there is no miracle involved in solving PCOS…  I think in most cases, slight weight-loss is all that is needed to get periods regular.  Perhaps the only miracle I’ve experienced is the simplicity of the symptom-relief: cutting gluten intake, cutting refined sugars, switching to brown rice instead of white, cutting out caffeine, drinking more water, eating more greens, reducing dairy intake.  No rocket science.

I’ve also found – of all the supplements I read about, Vitex 750 has been the best for me in terms of regulating my periods.

Many women have managed to overcome PCOS and have babies.  That I only found out really after months of internet searching – the first sites I found about PCOS emphasised the difficulties associated with the illness and worsened my fears re. fertility.  If I had known the amount of women who have conquered the cysts, I would have saved myself a lot of worry.


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