My Review of Domino’s Gluten Free Pizza

When I heard that Domino’s were finally due to start serving Gluten Free pizzas, I was a little excited.  I used to enjoy the veg supreme and volcano pizzas, and ordered them whenever there was a deal on, (as there often is in the student areas of Manchester) or I felt the urge to treat myself.  I even had them a couple of times since my decision to rule gluten out of my diet.  Such is their evil mono-sodium-glutamate filled allure.

The pizza bases went on sale last Monday, though I was almost expecting the branch I phoned to tell me they’d sold out or hadn’t been able to stock them yet for some reason.  Of course, everything was fine, the only downfall being that the GF pizza bases are only made in small size. ‘ That doesn’t matter’ I said, and ordered the small Veg Supreme.

After the half an hour’s wait (plus delivery man checking with his boss that I had already paid over the phone like I’d said) I was ready for my pizza!   I opened the box and noted that it was an inch or two or few bigger than the free ‘personal pizzas’ I pretend to be a student for at the start of each new academic year…  I took a bite…

And it is safe to say that, at £11.99 a pop, which almost no pizza in the world is worth, it was a huge, gigantic let down.

The crust was noticeably warmed-from-frozen.  The toppings tasted no different than if I had gone out and bought a cheap bag of veg and loaded its contents onto the pizza.  The one redeeming feature was the garlic sauce, which just about made the pizza taste like normal Domino’s pizzas.   However, I did not order garlic sauce as a main dish.

Perhaps I should be less harsh – it is good that Domino’s are conscious of their coeliac and gluten-intolerant customers, many of whom have been looking forward to this new development as much as I was…. but the recipe they use still needs improving if it’s to stand-up to the quality of their fresh pizzas.

So my advice is this:  save your money and buy a frozen Genius tomato pizza base, which were about £2.99 last time I checked in Tesco.  Then buy whatever cheese and veg you want, pile that on top, and cook it in the oven for the 12 minutes necessary…  it will be just as good, if not better….. and find a good garlic sauce!


2 thoughts on “My Review of Domino’s Gluten Free Pizza

  1. Hi there, just came across this when I was doing a little research for a training booklet. Id just like to point out that our gluten free bases are approved by ceoliac uk and that’s they are fresh and most definitely not frozen, which I’m sure your local shop can confirm with you and let you have a look at if you asked them. There are procedures in place to enure there is no risk of contaminating the pizza with any product containing gluten. And although there is a big difference between our fresh made dough bases and the gluten free all customers I have served have been very happy with the pizza.

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